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lourosas 03-06-2005 03:18 PM

Trying to do some motif programming-help!!
I don't know if this has been talked about yet.
I am trying to create some GUI programs running Mandrake 10.1 using OpenMotif. I went to and downloaded all the correct RPMs for Mandrake Version 10, When I went to install the devel RPMs, it told me that I was missing the following (some, but not all):
libICE, libSM, libX11, libXext, libXmu, libXp, libXt... I went to find where I could find these libraries and I found out they were with the release: XFree86...rpm. I went to install that and I got a whole bunch of conflicts related to libxorg!!!

It turns out (as I should have known) that libxorg is libraries for the Xserver being used.

All I want to do is program using Motif at home (I did it at work). Does anyone know what I should do here? I tried the MotifZone, and they would not answer my question.

Help! Please!

Lou Rosas

jtshaw 03-07-2005 07:59 AM

Does Mandrake 10.1 come with Xfree86 by default?

If so then it appears as though the OpenMotif package is dependent specifically on xfree and not the virtual X11 dependency (assuming rpm has virtual dependencies.. aka dependencies that can be satisfied by more then 1 package). Not being very knowledgeable about Mandrake specifically, I'd say your best bet might be to download, compile, and install open motif by hand.

If you do take the compile and install route make sure you have your gcc package installed (which since you intend to do development I assume you do).

lourosas 03-07-2005 08:31 AM

No, Mandrake depends on Xorg (I believe it is called). I don't know what to do at that point. I think that is why I was getting all the dependancy problems.
Yes, I do have gcc

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