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Galaxy_Stranger 05-07-2009 10:43 PM

Trying to customize my audio/Alsa settings.
Ok, first a little story:

Several months ago, I bought a Lexicon Alpha, which is a USB audio device - kind of a very simple mixer.

To my amazement, this thing works on Fedora just as easily as it does on XP! Anyway, since it's a usb device, it tries to take over the entire audio stream of the PC. What's nice is that Linux allows you the control of using the device or not, (most of the time), in apps like Audacity, etc. To keep from having to plug and unplug the device constantly based on my needs, I'd like to leave it as my default audio device - and then I can run the sound from that out to my amp. So far, this plan works. Most applications can be directed to the Lexicon Alpha - even Audacious.

But the ONE thing I can't figure out how to get to use th Lexicon is Flash video on a web page. Anybody know how I can pull this off?

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