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don_machado 11-10-2003 12:45 PM

Trying to add passwd to HardHat
My company is using HardHat Rev 1.2 as an embedded server. As originally installed, the OS requires no login or password; the user is logged in as root automatically. I have tried implementing passwd and login, but I keep missing different potions of software. Because this is an embedded solution, memory is limited. Can anybody tell me the simplest way to implement passwords on this system?

Thanks a bunch,

mossy 11-10-2003 12:53 PM

Not sure if this is what you are trying to do but ~ Logout compeletly and adduser then passwd. This will allow you to login with an id other than root.

don_machado 11-10-2003 01:09 PM

The problem is that this is an embedded server running a very stripped down version of Linux HardHat -- there is no login or passwd functionality...I need to add it. All the documentation out there assumes that login and passwd are available after installation - they don't explain how to add it after the fact.

mossy 11-10-2003 01:47 PM

Oh then go to and install those commands.

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