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cygnus-x1 01-02-2011 09:32 AM

trouble building nspluginwrapper on Slackware 13.1
I did some research and located a nice packaging script "nspluginwrapper.SlackBuild" so I decided to go that route and build a Slackware package for nspluginwrapper.

The error I get is the inability to find /usr/include/gnu-32.h when it is building the nspluginviewer. Not realizing that the viewer is what is used by the Browser I edited the configure script to not build that piece and it worked fine after that but of course that defeated what I was trying to do.

What it looks like is that I need to have 32 bit headers or both headers and libraries installed to be able to build the viewer.

I just want to use the acrobat reader plugin in Firefox.

Would someone please provide an explanation of what I need to do to build nsplguinwrapper viewer? Hopefully it is just the headers but I still need help with how to go about doing that.

thanks in advance!

cygnus-x1 01-04-2011 11:51 AM

bump - anyone have any experience with this at all


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