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vance 02-10-2003 01:57 PM

trouble building latest gnome
i have mandrake 9 with both gnome and kde installed

i downloaded all of the latest gnome source files and have been building them in the order specified on the gnome site.

all goes well until libIDC and ORBit. libIDC threw an error 127(?) and ORBit failed the ./config dependencie searches for the files i successfully installed before it.

1. any ideas?

2. do i have to uninstall the old gnome first?

3. is anything different with mandrake that i have to watch out for?

Mara 02-10-2003 02:18 PM

Make sure you have the directory you're installing GNOME in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Usually GNOME from source installs to /usr/local, so you need /usr/local/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or /etc/

You don't need to uninstall old GNOME, when they're in different directories. If you're installing new GNOME to /usr/local, everything's OK.

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