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_mercury 06-23-2006 10:53 PM

Triboot ubuntu, windows, osX on Macbook pro
Is there a way to install Ubuntu on Macbook pro using a live CD and some "Install Ubuntu to disk option"? I searched the forums and it said that I can by clicking this option after booting from the live CD. It would be nice if I could do that because I'm trying to do a work around that hasn't been successful:

So I partitioned the harddrive using OSX's diskutil using the resizeVolume command. It worked great! So then I installed bootcamp. Burnt the slipstream CD, the driver CD and installed XP onto the FAT32 partition. Worked great! I now have OSX and Windows running smoothly.

So I figured since I have installed various flavors of linux and failed BUT eventually succeeded so many times, I figured I had enough knowlege to make this "Ubuntu on macbook pro" thing work. Not the case.

The following was all done using an instruction set from First I booted up with a live CD. Formatted the partituion with ext3, mounted it, created a 2GB swapfile (not partition!) and copied all the directories of the Live CD root directory onto the root directory of the linux partition. Once that is done, LILO needs to be installed. I found the source file and tried to compile it myself using ./configure, make, make install. That didn't work. So I used the Quick installation that was also inside the source file. The quick installation seemed to do the trick, except when I went to run LILO to finalize the installation, it said it couldn't find the lilo.conf file. I thought, "Oh, no big deal, I'll just create one in the /mnt/etc/ directory using vi. (By the way, I printed and read the whole LILO user guide in order to put the .conf file together). So then I ran LILO again. STILL couldn't find the .conf file.

So I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It may be several combinations of things. I'm definately not an expert, but I thought I knew enough to work my way through it. :(

This is craziness. I have a whole bunch of other things that I may have done wrong, but I think I need to break it into separate threads. Sorry for the scatterbrained post.

_mercury 06-24-2006 04:19 PM

I did a little bit of research and realized that my Live CD was a little different than the disto. The difference was that the distro has an install icon on the desktop. I'm trying this and I think it's working...

olkar 06-24-2006 04:56 PM

Multi Boot
_Mercury: There is small tutorial I wrote some time ago plus 2 free programs included in the file link below that you might find interesting (file size 165kb)

Good Luck

scheidel21 06-24-2006 06:07 PM

I may be mistaken but I also think that the MACOSX bootloader wants to be default and doesnt play nice with others you may want to look into that.


_mercury 06-25-2006 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by scheidel21
I may be mistaken but I also think that the MACOSX bootloader wants to be default and doesnt play nice with others you may want to look into that.


Other peopole have successfully installed LILO and resulted in a successful triboot system. This is the tutorial I'm currently trying: but I can't apt-get lilo for some reason.

scheidel21 06-26-2006 08:30 AM

I would think if apt-get is not installing lilo then you need to add a repository that has it in your apt.sources file. I am not familiar with Ubuntu but I am with Debian which Ubuntu is an offshoot of. My guess is its a problem with the repository try finding another one, or find a DL of a debian lilo package somewhere I think might be able to help you with that. I don't see why the lilo package from there shouldn't work.


scheidel21 06-26-2006 08:31 AM

BTW I may be wrong whats the error when you rtry to apt-get lilo?
and are you running apt-get install lilo?


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