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cxuk 03-22-2005 04:03 PM

Transprant Proxy Server
Hiya i want to setup a transprant proxy in other words the DHCP will set the gatway ip as the Proxy server ip and there will be no need for people to add the proxy server address into the browser. I wish to have socks too.

I will be running Redhat 9.0 With the latest version of Squid... i read some stuff on doing it but it was for Free BSD. i under stand ive goto to dievert trafic on port 80 to squid...and i supose the same for socks...

But say if a client wants to hit a HTTP port 852 will that go via the port 80?

ANy one have any urls on how to set this up and more info on how it works?

that would be brill :D:D


amosf 03-23-2005 09:00 AM

The easy way is to install Smoothwall on the gateway box - ie any old P166 etc with 64meg ram or better. Smoothwall is dead easy to set up and does all the dhcp and transparent proxy etc... Admin via a web interface - 35meg download...

cxuk 03-23-2005 09:12 AM

This will enable me to do all the forwards and re routing to the Squid Proxy Cache?

Because if the server cant deal with the traffic on certain ports i want to divert it to the router...

This is possible right.

Is there a possablity of setting Upnp up on the smoothfirewall???

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