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peso 02-02-2004 06:39 AM

Touch screen driver development for Linux

I'm looking into writing a touch screen driver for my Linux system. I was wondering if anybody out there nows if their are any equivalents to the Win32 system calls GetDoubleClickTime() and SendInput() for Linux?

UINT GetDoubleClickTime(VOID);

The GetDoubleClickTime function retrieves the current double-click time for the mouse. A double-click is a series of two clicks of the mouse button, the second occurring within a specified time after the first. The double-click time is the maximum number of milliseconds that may occur between the first and second click of a double-click.

UINT SendInput(
UINT nInputs, // count of input events
LPINPUT pInputs, // array of input events
int cbSize // size of structure

The SendInput function synthesizes keystrokes, mouse motions, and button clicks.

I have been looking around in Linux for the answer to this, but I have a hard time finding any.

Many thanks

tk31337 02-02-2004 12:15 PM

Well, XFree86 is open-source like the rest of most software for GNU/Linux, so why not just check out the code for an existing touch screen driver? :-)

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