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woodbase 08-09-2006 10:54 AM

Tools for developing C# web service and web sites in Linux
Hey people.

I'm pretty new in Linux, so I need a little help locating a tool for developing web application with C#/mono

I'v installed Mono on a Fedora Core 5 distribution, and also Mono Develope, so I can make application alright, but now I need a tool in order to make web applications.

I'm used to developing with (and I don't if this is considered bad language in here *lol*') MS Visual Studio Pro 2005. Where You either create a project or a web site. Does such development enviroment exist on Linux?

I'm not looking for Visual Studio for Linux, just a tool that can create web site with C# on Mono.

I hope some of this makes sence to some of You, otherwise please don't hesitate to ask.

robbbert 08-09-2006 02:43 PM

There's probably no such wizard (or any other tool) for MonoDevelop. Compared with developing .NET applications on Windows, developing Mono applications ain't well supported when it comes to IDE features and other shortcuts.

In contrast, a full-fledged, similar alternative to .NET is Java, and Eclipse does compare to Visual Studio 2005 (or better) as an IDE.

Keywords, as an appetizer: Eclipse, Tomcat, Axis, Plugin

woodbase 08-09-2006 11:10 PM

Alright. I'll just have to write web services for Linux in Java then. I wonder if NetBeans supports that...

robbbert 08-10-2006 01:28 PM

NetBeans itself does. However, it is bundled with Tomcat app server and when you try to create a new webservice, NetBeans says, Tomcat doesn't have JAXRPC capabilities.

There's also a version of NetBeans that comes bundled with Sun's own app server, which should have those capabilities (but Sun App Server is mighty and, analogically, slow to start).
Axis, in contrast, doesn't use JAXRPC, and can be run on Tomcat.

- This is a wide field. - Java is to .NET what Linux is to Windows: The same (or even more) possibilities and features, being more like a tool box, having a steaper learning curve, and you're getting to actually know what you're doing.

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