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nbcohen 05-12-2008 12:45 PM

Tomcat config question
I am running a system that has a commercial program which is running an embedded instance of Tomcat. I connect to that system at <host>:8080/pgm

I need to install a new web-based application which runs on a different version of Tomcat - but on the same machine. I know this can be done - I have installed tomcat in a different directory and I just want to get some confirmation on what ports need to be modified in the server.xml file.

I know I need to change port 8080 to something else (9090, 8282 whatever).
I think I need to change the 'shutdown' port from 8005 to something else.
At the moment, I will not be doing any secure access, so port 8443 can be left alone, although I will probably change that just to be safe.

Are there any other configuration changes I need to make to be able to make this run?

For the record, I am not able to share an instance of tomcat with the various web apps - for political, commercial, and version-related reasons... So I really do need multiple tomcat instances running on this box.

thanks in advance,


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