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drawde83 05-09-2007 08:47 PM

Tomboy problem
Hi I'm getting the following message and then it stops

Tomboy remote control disabled: Name 'com.beatniksoftware.Tomboy' does not exist.
EnableDisable Called: enabling... True
Binding key '<Alt>F12' for '/apps/tomboy/global_keybindings/show_note_menu'
Binding key '<Alt>F11' for '/apps/tomboy/global_keybindings/open_start_here'

alternatively where else could I ask for help with Tomboy

drawde83 05-10-2007 03:49 AM

Dont you hate it when the answers right in front of your face :-)
tried <Alt>F12 and it popped up. <Alt>F11 doesn't work and there is no icon in the notification area.

UhhMaybe 06-20-2007 05:24 PM

Try "man tomboy" in a terminal shell.

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