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Matir 05-02-2005 09:58 PM

Thunderbird Links?
When in Thunderbird, for some annoying reason, I click on a link... and nothing happens.

My default browser is set to be firefox and clicking on links from other apps seems to work fine.

This is especially surprising since both apps are Mozilla apps.

Optimistic 05-02-2005 10:15 PM

This is what I do:

1. Put this scripte somewhere and make it executable:

# This script allows external apps to open new URLs in Firefox
# or open a new instance of Firefox if it isn't already started
/usr/bin/firefox -a firefox -remote "openURL($@,new-tab)" ||
exec /usr/bin/firefox  "$@";

2. Add the following lines to your ~/.thunderbird/default/prefs.js file:
user_pref("", "/home/optimistic/Scripts/fftab");
user_pref("", "/home/optimistic/Scripts//fftab");
user_pref("", "/home/optimistic/Scripts//fftab");

Make sure you do the above when you are not running Thunderbird.

Note: I didn't write the script, but I couldn't find the link.

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