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jimbo_smells 03-04-2009 07:38 AM

Thunderbird doesn't update the status of read or deleted emails - using imap server
Hi everyone,

I've been having some issues with my department university email account.
This is a local mail account for the department and runs under linux. I have an office machine that runs fedora.

Basically my email client (thunderbird) doesn't seem update the status of messages, i.e. messages return to being unread or reappear after being deleted. I also don't receive any new messages unless I restart my email client.

So I am wondering if it is some kind of permissions issue with my email/inbox? As far as I understand it, I have a file called .INBOX in my home directory tht contins new emails. This issue happens if I access my email using thunderbird from home as well as in the office (in both linux and windows using thunderbird/icedove) so it's not just something wrong with the settings on one computer.

Another possibility is that it is something to with another email client - a dew days ago another application I was using decided to open a mailto link in evolution - and this seems o have coincided with when the problem

I have over 2Gb of quota free on my user account, so this is not the issue.

Everything seems to work ok in pine in a shell or via the webmail page.

It was all working fine up until a few days ago - so have no idea what has caused the problem!

I'm reasonably experienced inusing linux but have no detailed knowledge of how email systems or imap servers work so I'm a bit in the dark with this! I have contacted our computer support people but they have yet to get back to me.

Thanks for any suggestions....

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