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Hammett 09-01-2004 01:18 PM

Thunderbird: connection refused!!
Hi all!!!

I want to configure my system to be able to use spam assassin for filtering my mail, so what i did is:

1.- get/configure Fetchmail (OK)
2.- get/configure procmail to deliver my mail to $HOME/Mailbox (OK)
3.- get/configure courier-imap as a mail server (only accessible with my machine ( (OK, i gues...)
4.- Configure Thunderbird with an IMAP account. Servername is "localhost" and username is my linux name (AKA hammett, the login for the mail is clockwork).

But, whenever I try toget the new mail, thunderbird complain with "could not connect to mail server localhost: connectios was refused".

I made sure imap port is open to firewall (143).
I'm also running the IMAP server (imapd).

Why i get that connection refused? What should I do?

Thaks in advance

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