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SkyEye 06-24-2007 02:24 AM

Thunderbird (F7) crashes evrytime after a reboot in Fedora 7
I'm using the thunderbird- package from Fedora Updates for Fedora 7. From the first installation it shows a very annoying bug. However I should mention that I'm using the .thunderbird directory (with my mail archives, Lightning 0.3.1 addon and other configs) from an earlier Thunderbird 2.0.0.x installation which I used on FC6.

After a fresh installation from the package thunderbird- (using yum or local installation) Thunderbird works fine. Even if I close the program several times and executes again, it works just fine.

Once I reboot my notebook, the problem starts to appear. Thunderbird loads as usual and fetches the mails. But when I click on any mail (new or old) to view it (in any Inbox folder) Thunderbird crashes. It just disappears. No matter how many times I try the same cycle of things would occur.

What I'm doing now is, every time the problem occurs, I do a "yum remove thunderbird" and then a "yum localinstall thunderbird-", so that I can work again. I know it's pretty ugly and dirty. But I got to do some work, right? :)

So any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Lenard 06-24-2007 06:15 AM


SkyEye 06-24-2007 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by Lenard

No actually, but thanks for the concerns. Apparently is's a segfault.

However I filed a bug via Fedora bugzilla. It's at

This bug also seems to be related, I'm not too sure about that.

SkyEye 06-24-2007 01:32 PM

I have resolved migrating back to my favourite e mail client as a result of this issue. So now I'm using Evolition again, and most probably I'll stick to it. Mozilla guys are great. Fx is by far the best browser around (for my general usage), but Thunderbird still has a fair distance towards Evolution. :)

However for the benefit of people who are facing similar issues, we can have this thread. Doing some searching,

I found out that I wasn't the only one crashing Thunderbird. There are quite a few bug reports about crashes on different situations. You can search for thunderbird in Fedora bugzilla and see them. And 'farslayer' points us (next post) that a similar thing is in Debian release too.

And as I said in the previous post, now this issue is in Fedora bugzilla. So check for further updates on this issue from Fedora people.


farslayer 06-24-2007 04:05 PM

I don't think that issue with Thunderbird is confined to Fedora. As I was looking at updating my Debian Sid box last night I saw a bug about Thunderbird (Icedove) Crashing when retrieving mail..
I decided to hold off updating it for now..


serious bugs of icedove <pending>
#430355 - Crashes when receiving new messages

Lenard 06-25-2007 05:23 AM

Hmmmm............ may I suggest to SkyEye to try:

SkyEye 06-27-2007 12:59 AM


Originally Posted by Lenard
Hmmmm............ may I suggest to SkyEye to try:

Thank you for the suggestions, but actually I'm in the middle of some work and don't have time to test that. And I've switched back to Evolution, which is doing great.

However, installing a package from development branch (even if it worked) shouldn't be the solution for anyone using F7. So lets hope there would be a bug fix release for Thunderbird package. :)

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