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mariogarcia 12-14-2007 06:07 PM

thunar contextual menu problem
there's some strange behaviour in Thunar which I don't understand.
when i want to listen to mp3; i right click on the file and there's an entry there "Mplayer" i click on it and it says it cannot open the file.
this only happen when I am in a subdirectory. if i am in /home/username there's no problem. If i am in /home/username/dir/ i get the error message.
now if I open gmplayer and then browse for the file it read it and plays it whatever subdirectory I am in.
If i click select other application and choose 'gmplayer' or mplayer, that entry appears in the menu, and with these i can play the file, but still I can't do nothing with the 'MPlayer' entry that was there when I first launched thunar.
how can I fix or remove that mplayer entry and why it works in the root of the home directory and not in one of the subdirectories?
thank you very much for your help.

i have also to say that that home directory comes from an older install. it just sits in it's own partition, and when i reinstall linux i just add an entry to fstab to link the /home to that partition.

mariogarcia 12-14-2007 07:33 PM

an update on this: the problem is spaces. still the questions mark arise. why? if I remove all the spaces from all the files I can open the file with the original "Mplayer" entry, the one which was there when i first launched thunar.
the gmplayer command that i added in the context menu, opens the file with or without spaces.
sincerely i don't understand!
thank you

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