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vikilinux 05-06-2014 02:56 AM

things to take back up
hai friends

1.what are the necessary files we should keep backup of linux pc.

Doc CPU 05-06-2014 03:19 AM

Hi there,


Originally Posted by vikilinux (Post 5165468)
1.what are the necessary files we should keep backup of linux pc.

that depends on your own judgement. Basically, it's the files in your own home directory, which includes all your personal configuration files of various programs you're using. If you explicitly use other directories along with that (for instance, I'm usually maintaining a /data direcory for all users), you'll want to include that too.

Apart from that it's probably a good idea to keep track of the installed software packages, so you can quickly rebuild the configuration if you have to re-install the system from scratch, and iclude /etc and all its sub-directories in the backup, as that's where most global configuration data resides.

Finally, all other places where you deliberately make changes should be backed up, too.

[X] Doc CPU

jdkaye 05-06-2014 05:04 AM

Basically, I agree with Doc CPU. I backup things that are specific to my system so...
1. /home/... folders
2. /opt/... folders
3. /etc/... folders
4. /usr/local/... folders

And, as Doc CPU suggested, keeping a list of your installed packages.

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