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HadesThunder 04-29-2004 12:00 PM

The Gimp printing problems
I was trying to print a photo using gimp. As far as I know I did everything right. However, the printer started printing programing text or jiberish. So as not to waste ink and photo quality paper, I switched it off. Now every time I switch it on it starts printing more jiberish.
Plus the print job does not appear in the menus, so I can't purge it. What is going on?

SerfurJ 04-29-2004 01:54 PM

i have an hp5550. removing the -oraw option fixed that.

Andrew Benton 04-29-2004 04:59 PM

That's the printing command for the gimp-print. Click Setup printer then delete the -oraw from the end and then click on "print and save settings", otherwise it'll be just the same the next time you print. Doh!

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