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wini_g 11-05-2003 05:21 PM

testdisk stuff with adding a recovered reiserfs partition
Hi people .....
using testdisk 4.5 ....
it has found my reiserfs partition again .... it can tell me where it is & I can look at it in testdisk (p - command) ..... but how does one add this newly found partition to an existing partition table ?

Not possible with fdisk, sfdisk or so as they dont let one be accurate enough when creating the partition .

Pleaz help ..... Great to finally have the partition back ... kindof ....

Thanx 4 the help .

:Pengy: :newbie:

idaho 11-06-2003 02:21 AM

I believe that testdisk allows you to recover partitions, not just analyze your disk for missing partitions. Here is something from the test disk documentation web page ( that might be helpful:
If you don't understand how to use TestDisk,

- run "testdisk /log /debug" (make sure to hit the space bar once before each slash),
- select the faulty hard disk using arrow keys then press the ENTER key,
- after TestDisk is finished (Note: you may need to press the ENTER key a couple more times during its processing), choose Search! to restart the analyse.
- just send the file which TestDisk creates, testdisk.log, to

wini_g 11-07-2003 07:45 PM

Lets C
Thanx for the info link about testdisk ... I completly forgot about the page as I neva saw a link to documentation ... again thanx .

Still have to read it all .

Da Wini G .

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