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kaz2100 01-14-2018 09:12 PM

tcsh hangs on exit. (6.20.00 Astron, on debian amd64)

Symptom tcsh hangs on exit. 6.20.00 Astron (deb package)

System debian amd64. I use tcsh as a login shell.

The symptom above started last Friday, 12/Jan/2018

Troubleshooting process
1. It hangs as both login shell and non-login shell.
2. Other users are OK. (non login shell)
3. As I still have this trouble, I checked .history and related shell variables. (I have not touched variables for a while, although).
4. I have enough disk space left.
5. I found with "lock" as a third word of savehist, the symptom appears.
6. This report may or may not be same nature.

It is reproducible with this setup. But when I checked three other setups (all debian amd64, but variable memory, CPU...), they are free of trouble.

With this particular setup, I also have this trouble, which still persists.

Currently, I have no idea where to check next. Could this be a hardware issue? I appreciate any information.


pan64 01-16-2018 08:30 AM

see man tcsh, logout process. check the file ~/.logout

MadeInGermany 01-16-2018 02:49 PM

Can you trace a new tcsh with

strace tcsh
Does it hang with locking the .history file?

Is the file system local or remote?

df .history

kaz2100 01-18-2018 01:15 AM


Thanks for replies.

1. about .logout -- tcsh hangs without .logout. I guess it is not related.
2. history file is on local drive. It has only 14% used, A lot of space left.
3. strace tcsh -- it looks like that the shell complains on exit, saying that /home/user/.history.lock exists.

link("/home/user/.penguin.ded9f", "/home/user/.history.lock") = -1 EEXIST (File exists)
I deleted two files, .penguin.ded9f and .history.lock, and it looks good.

I will post if my penguin runs into same situation.


++ added on edit
It looks like corrupted file system may be the culprit. For some reason, / has not been checked for years.

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