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rodewan 01-23-2005 03:35 PM

System won't boot properly knoppix doesn't initialize properly
Heyy guys I have Knoppix. Whats happened is after i fiddled around (Bad thing for a newb like me) with xdm i think i accidentally configured it to be default. Then i changed itt back to kdm but my system wouldn't boot. It said something like unable to change tty1: read only file system. It wouldn't initialize any hardware and left me with a login at (none) screen. Then I booted the knoppix livecd and just copied the cd's fstab to my hard drive's fstab. Then when I tried to boot again the screen said:
Not starting X display manager (xdm): it is not the default display manager
Cannot remove /etc/sysconfig/xsession-restart
and it booted into the login at (none) screen again. Then I read somewhere that typing 'mount -o remount, rw /' might do something so I tried that and I could get into kdm but there was no xsession file so it aborted. So then I copied a backup xsession file I found knoppix had made on my harddrive in the directories of the users. And so now I can get into kde but there is no sound, internet, I can't access my other window's hardrives, nothing. Please help me otherwise I'll have to stop using linux!!!

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