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paulie420 03-25-2020 01:40 PM

SyncTerm BBS Terminal software window-size questions..

My questions today are concerning SyncTerm BBS Terminal Software.

I am using KDE Neon with KDE Plasma 5.18.

I compiled the SyncTerm software from source, I believe anyway - I used commands like MAKE INSTALL to install it... if you need more info about how I compiled, I followed the instructions here:

Hopefully that info gives you any prerequisite info that you may have needed to be able to answer my question... so, away we go...
I am running SyncTerm thru my KDE Neon Plasma desktop. When it opens, it takes up less than 1/4 of my screen/desktop. Really, its a small window. About 1/7th of the screen...

I can enter FULL-SCREEN mode, by hitting Alt-Enter and exit back to the 1/7th window by hitting the same again. My question pertains to wanting to size the window...meaning, I wish I could snap it to, say, the left hand side of the screen and have the window either stretch to whatever size I want or at LEAST scale...

I want to have a window bigger than the 1/7th small one that opens when I first launch SyncTerm, but less than dedicating my ENTIRE screen by hitting Alt-Enter.

Any ideas? I mean... I am new, but not an idiot... currently, when I resize the window manually, SyncTerm remains in that 1/7th size - and theres BLACK filling the remainder of the window I just resized... whether its STRETCHED or SCALED, I'd like to be able to resize that window and have it be, say, 1/2 of my desktop - with access to the rest of my desktop. (When I hit Alt-Enter, SyncTerm takes up ALL of the screen; and the GUI desktop goes away; the entire screen is dedicated to the SyncTerm software.

Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions or help in this matter.



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