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jaakkop 02-12-2006 07:16 AM

Sylpheed-Claws compile error on Slackware-current

kolme 02-12-2006 07:44 AM

You could do a "locate libdb" to see where it really is. Did you installed libdb as a Slackware package, or did you compile it yourself?

You may need to set LD_CONFIG_PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
export LD_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib

It's just a guess, if that doesn't work, post some more information. Good luck!

jaakkop 02-12-2006 08:28 AM


kolme 02-12-2006 10:31 AM

Sylpheed uses version 4.2 instead of 4.4, so you may want to install the older version.

Also, you could make a simbolic link, -> It's dirty, but it worked for me most of the times.

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