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jd300 11-29-2001 01:35 AM

Switching Desktops
I have both KDE and Gnome on my Box...How do I go from Gnome back to KDE?

dorward 11-29-2001 01:42 AM

Depends on how you log in.

Generally if you log in at the console and use startx you should edit your ~/.xinitrc file (or create on if it doesn't already exist)

You can do lots of complex stuff with it, but just to load the window manager you need one line

exec gnome-session for gnome
exec startkde for kde
exec blackbox for blackbox
exec wmaker for window maker
exec sawfish for sawfish

and so on.

If you use a graphical log in, then generally it is the same but you should edit ~/.xsession instead of ~/.xinitrc

Your distro might provide tools to help you change your window manager.

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