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rakemup 12-09-2001 10:10 AM

swap partitions
I'm about to do a fresh install of RH7.2 on my dual-boot (Win98) machine - with 640 Meg of ram. Currently my Linux Swap partition is 530M - but I keep reading that 128 is the maximum useable size of swap partitions for Linux. Should I change the swap to maybe 3 partitions of 128 each? And if so - how do I auto-mount these partitions so RH will use them?

I've got plenty of room on 2 hard drives.


"sorry ----- still a newbie"

acid_kewpie 12-09-2001 10:44 AM

i wouldn't bother keeping them all, maybe keep 100 meg or something, but i'd doubt you'd need it unless you do crazy ass stuff...

i have a swap partition of 160 megs, so i don't think there's a limit, but with 640mb ram, i'd ofget it. if you do split them into three then you can just set them all as swap and it'll use them as one.

Aussie 12-09-2001 10:46 AM

Back in the days when ram cost an arm and a leg and most of us could only afford 64mb after saving up for three months it was accepted practise to make your swap partition double the size of your ram, as you have 640mb of ram I think your 530mb linux swap will be fine, go ahead and install and have fun :)

DMR 12-10-2001 08:55 PM

Re: swap partitions

Originally posted by rakemup
...but I keep reading that 128 is the maximum useable size of swap partitions for Linux.
That may still be true, but you can have more than one swap partition.

trickykid 12-10-2001 09:15 PM

i never see any reason of having a swap partition of more than 100 to 125 megs.. it usually goes wasted if you have it bigger than that.. but with that much ram in your machine, you shouldn't need anything larger than or no more than 150 megs.. unless you like to waste space on your hard drive.. or you are doing some mad crazy stuff on your machine.

Aussie 12-10-2001 09:24 PM

Last time I partitioned my drives I was having a few brews at the same time and ended up with 900mb I thought wtf...I'm not going to start again so I made it swap....besides If I ever decide to put a NTFS system on I can make part of it fat32 for transferring data.

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