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James McGee 08-20-2004 03:24 PM

SuSE upgrades
How does one go about upgrading programs in SuSE. I see KDE has gone up to version 3.3 and I would like to upgrade my 3.2 to the 3.3. But if I tell yast to install it just goes back to desktop on me and if I go to term and tell it rpm -U it gives me a bunch of dependencys and quits.All the rpms were downloaded straight from SuSE.

The main sticker here seems to be the qt3 file. It will not upgrade and the other files the kdelibs3.rpm won't install until it does and the kdebase3.rpm won't install until the kdelibs3 does... so here I sit with all the rpms, but nothing works.

Everytime I try to install the qt3.rpm which is version 3.3.3 i get the message:

failed dependencies:
qt3 > = 3.3.1 is needed by (installed) qt3-non-mt-3.3.1-41.14

What do I need to do to make the upgrade?

mykrob 08-20-2004 03:41 PM

assuming you have ALL the RPM's open a console from that directory, and as root, type

rpm -Uvh --nodeps --force *.rpm

upon completion, i'd recommend rebooting.


kromatic 08-21-2004 06:44 PM

holla, worked for me!

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