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tangle 07-28-2006 10:09 AM

Suggestions: Web hosting software
I would like some suggestions on web hosting software that is distro neutral (I use Slackware). I do not plan on hosting hundereds of site since I live in a rural area. I would like to stick with an open source option. But, i have no problem with paying money for something. I just do not make a lot and have 2 kids. So, I am limited on what I send.

Right now I am playing around with Webmin(virtualmin) and usermin. It is alright, but I would like more fucntionality. I would like for the customer to be able to add email accounts, databases, ftp access and such.

I looked at plesk and liked what I seen. But I hate to shell out $200 for something that I can not try out (install and play around with). Plus, it only supported on the major distros.

On the email side I like the way qmailrocks works, but it is a pain to set up and there are a lot of different programs to keep updated. I use sendmail for my domain. I have been playing with postfix and have to say I like it. So the email server is not a real issue.

The progams that I would like to stick with are:
maybe tomcat

Also any heads ups on running a web hosting business would be appericated.

nirmaltom 07-28-2006 04:17 PM

apache simply the best

eglow 07-28-2006 08:41 PM

cPanel is a very popular web hosting control panel, however I think it has similar pricing to Plesk. If you are just doing this as a hobby and maybe to make a few bucks, I'd suggest you go the open source and use a free panel. You could try ISPConfig which is a free hosting control panel for Linux. This may be your best bet, as it is more geared towards hosting and probably contains some of the applications you listed. Another free web hosting panel is web-cp. Webmin is nice, but I think it is geared more towards systems administration than hosting. However, with Usermin it makes a nice, free solution.

If your hosting business does take off, or you manage to find some extra money to spend, cPanel is extremely popular, and Plesk is up there as well. I think there is also one called DirectAdmin which is a bit cheaper.

You can try demos of these, just google for the links, the websites have demos. The two open source panels are below:

Best Regards,

bskrakes 09-22-2006 03:43 PM

Plesk will give you a trial, you just have to e-mail them and ask. I am in the same vote trying to see if ISPconfig is a good open source web control panel or if I should pay the 200 dollars for Plesk which I do currently use on a virtual server which I host some sites from (very happy with Plesk).

Hope this is of some help!


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