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adp 08-05-2005 12:22 AM

Suggestions:an Alias Sketchbook Pro alternative?
Can anyone help out? I work in a VFX house, and we've recently made the switch to Linux for financial reasons. We've already replaced our 3D app, and cinepaint in place of Photoshop. Unfortunately, as a designer in said house, that means I've had to abandon one of my favourite tools, Alias sketchbook pro. My questions are...

1) Is there any type of emulator for the program? (Using slackware here...) WineX doesn't work with it.

2) There's a Mac version of the software, and I was wondering if it would be more compatible, with the BSD thing and all...

3) Are there any alternatives to the program out there that are either open source (preferably) or Linux compatible? The most important thing here would be the feel of the program. (Can't really describe it any other way... Sorry, I'm an artist, not an orator.)

Thanks in advance for your efforts... I just really want my favourite tool back. I used to do all my visualization and drawing on Sketchbook. Saves me a hell of a lot on paper and other consumables, and it gives me the most " pencil-like" response from my tablet. Not having it anymore is a real bane to my productivity. Thanks again.

minrich 08-10-2005 09:10 AM

perhaps this might be of some use: which is a link from - obviously it is for an Acer Tablet (like mine) but at least I believe that if you setup your machine to use the 'wacom' tablet as described and then try with Wine or Crossover you might get Alias sketchbook to run 'under linux'.

Please note that I haven't tried this! But nothing is usually impossible - it just takes a lot longer.


adp 08-11-2005 01:15 AM

cool, thx. I'll have a look.
ally impossible - it just takes a lot longer.

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