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drigz 09-23-2004 02:34 PM

Stupid Dumb Stupid Question...
Why can't I seem to change directories in Dosbox? I'll go:

mount c: /home/drigz
dir c:
correct contents
mkdir c:\test
cd c:\test
contents of z:, where i still am

i'm sure this is a silly problem - but i think i used to have the same thing with dos bootdisks - what basic thing am i missing?

JaseP 09-23-2004 03:32 PM

In DosBox, you must define what directories are acting as what drives...

Once you do that, then you can do a change drive and directory to them...

Plus I thing you switch drives by just typing the driveletter followed by the colon,...

Been a while since I played with DosBox, so I can't remember.

IRIGHTI 09-23-2004 03:41 PM

you've got c: mounted I see.

To go into that directory is the same as dos just type:


that is it.

hit enter of course

drigz 09-23-2004 04:09 PM

great thanks - it was the just typing the drive letter i needed

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