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ernesto4160 04-13-2010 12:32 PM

Strigi, Tracker and Beagle
I first installed strigi as part of nepomuk which came by default with my KDE 4 desktop. I noticed that nepomuk and virtuoso ended up consuming more than 1 GB of memory after a couple of hours, so I disabled it. I gave tracker a try, and after a couple of hours, it was using 300 mb. Left without options I installed the "under archiver" beagle. It has been running for many days keeping all my data indexed and up to date. The best part is that it uses mere 30 mb. The only change I did was enabling user_xattr on my file system, which as far as I know, doesn't affect tracker or strigi. Has anyone experienced this bizarre behavior with strigi or tracker? If so, is there a solution?

Azizcoos 05-14-2010 05:33 PM

I recently upgraded to kubuntu 10.04, which apparently installed nepomuk and strigi. I frequently find "nepomukservices" chewing 50% or more of CPU. Killing the process takes care of the CPU burn, but the process always respawns within seconds. And strigi was using 2GB of drive space to index a 45GB partition . Other than burning CPU, memory, and drive space, I have no idea what nepomukservices is supposed to do.

Is anyone else seeing this excessive resource hogging?

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