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MargNat 12-06-2006 01:13 PM

Streamtuner: Show song Artist/Title
I've tried Streamtuner on my mandriva 2007 linux distro and it works fine;
the only problem is I want to know song title/artist.
Now I've tried many player to try to read song artist/title but I doesn't manage in it.
Searching on the web, I've read xmms and mpd show song artist/title when reading an audio stream.
But I've a problem configuring mpeg layer xmms plugin (as I've posted in my previous topic)

and mpd seems do not work (I've edited its config file, but nothing to do).

What's a good solution for using streamtuner and read song artist/title?

Thank you in advance and excuse me for my english.


unSpawn 12-06-2006 04:46 PM

As far as I can see Streamtuner is just an intermediary application, it only helps you to search for streams. If there's a problem with displaying stream data like tags it's a problem between the server (think not configured to add tags to stream or using say IDV2 vs IDv1 tags) and the client (say not capable of displaying (IDv2) tags). In the case of XMMS I am pretty sure the plugin (the version I use) just isn't capable of displaying any.

MargNat 12-08-2006 03:46 AM

Hi unspawn,
thank you for the answer.

OK, then, is it possible to update xmms MPEG Layer 1/2/3/ plugin?
where do I can find it?

Any other solution?


unSpawn 12-09-2006 10:16 AM

Actually I just tried one stream and apparently my current XMMS MP3 plugin *does* show Shoutcast/Icecast tags. Dunno if that's IDv1 or 2. "rpm -q xmms-mpg123" returns xmms-mpg123-1.2.10-2.p.i386.rpm which I apparently built myself some years ago from a source RPM. See for instance

jiml8 12-09-2006 10:32 AM

As a sidenote, streamtuner appears to no longer be supported. The Live365 module no longer works (there have actually been a couple of changes to Live365, with no response from streamtuner) and other locations are now all going to session-based connections, which streamtuner doesn't support at all.

It's a pity; I like streamtuner.

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