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ganz_friedrich 03-31-2006 09:45 AM

Strange problem - mysql not working through ssh tunnel
Please bear with me as I try to explain the problem - it is very strange and hard for me to explain.

I've been using an ssh tunnel on Putty to access a remote mysql server with various software for some time now. Everything worked fine (allbeit painfully slowly for some unexplained reason) until recently.

The only thing I can think of that has changed is the MySQL version. An upgrade from 5.0.17 to 5.0.18 (and now to 5.0.19). And standard system upgrades.

The truely bizzar thing is that the firewall (iptables) seems to affect the problem. (of course ssh is enabled in the firewall.)

With the firewall enabled, when trying to connect to the mysql server, it just hangs. When the firewall is disabled I get an "access denied" error. Of course the credentails are correct since I can use them to connect to mysql on ssh.

How the firewall has any affect - is beyond my comprehension right now (since it allows connection to ssh with no problem).

Please help me and stop me pulling my hair out.

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