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viscus 09-17-2004 04:46 AM

stats and bibliography
Hi guys

I'm a Linux noob (FC2) and after some advice.

Any recommenations for:

A good statistical package (SPSS type thing) - maybe a GUI for 'R'?
A good bibliographic package that integrates with OOo writer (EndNote type thing).

I've tried salstat and bibus but I'm in the dependency and tarball world of pain. :cry:

Here's hoping.


maroonbaboon 09-17-2004 06:27 AM

Why do you want a GUI for 'R'? What sort of functionality do you want that is not there already?

As for bibliographic tools my impression is that EndNote does not have much competition in the MSWord environment, and I'd be surprised if OO had anything equivalent. The only other tool I know of in widespread use is BibTeX, but that's a whole different ball game.

P.S. Searching for 'bibliography' on gives 10 hits including at least one OO related.

bahramH 09-17-2004 08:10 AM

There is indeed a package called bibview to manage bibliography.

It was originally intended for bibtex (biblio under LaTeX), but it is much more than that, and
you can use it like endnote for srting through your biblio.
The nice thing is that you can export your biblio (sorted and filtered)
to many formats, which can be understood by endnotes and similar.

viscus 09-18-2004 05:57 AM

Thanks guys.

I actually like GUIs for stats programs (having run SPSS both from the command line and through a GUI in the past); it's just more intuitive for me - I find it easier to define variables and construct data tables.

As for bibiographies, I've untarred bibus but it tells me it needs MySQL and wxPython (both of which I've previously installed). Grrrr.

Hey ho. Onwards.

Campitor 09-22-2004 04:56 PM

Try JabRef and MacAnova
I went through the same thing over a year ago. I made my transition from Windoze to Linux and the only two programs that I missed where STATISTICA and Endnote. I found two substitutes which do the job, but arenŽt complete clones of what you and I are looking for. Try them out, and youŽll see that they grow on you.

For bibliographies try: JabRef

Its based on java, so it runs on any operating system and, although it doesnt pipe into OO, it does into Lyx (which I strongly recomend) and into other WordProcessors.
Additionally, it can download citations directly from PubMEd and from ISI-Web of Science.

For Statistics I recomend: MacAnova

It doesnŽt have a GUI, but the commands are based on "R". Nonetheless, it is a lot easier to learn than R. Plus it comes with a complete PDF manual, which you can download and print. It is geared more towards ANOVA, Regression, ARIMA and Multivariate statistics, you can do almost anything you want with it.

HOpe this helps


bahramH 09-24-2004 07:46 AM

Thank you Campitor,

JabRef is indeed great, and a very good replacement for bibview. After your post and trying it out, I converted all my biblios to it.

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