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PF_The_Wall 11-21-2003 05:53 PM

Startx unable to open display?
When ever i use startx the 2.4 gnome ensigna will show and then it will go back to the shell and say:
waiting for X server to shut down.

darksideofthemoon@PigWings:~$ gnome-smproxy: unable to open display :0.0

Also when try to run it using gdm in root it'll start to load again and thengo back to the login screen at the gdm.

OH yeah. i use Slackware 9.1.

shassouneh 11-22-2003 01:03 PM

Try this

cd /etc/X11
mv XF86Config xf86config-old

Then run your X Server setup program (that comes with your distro).

The two steps above rename your X Server configuration file in an effort to have the setup program create it all over again

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