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rightsidedown 02-09-2006 12:22 PM

startx not loaded
Hello All. I am new at Linux so this may sound like a dumb question. Someone loaded a system with RedHat9 but didn't load the stuff for startx. When I go to /usr/X11R6/bin startx isn't a matter of fact there is hardly anything there. Which rpms need to be loaded so I can get startx to work? Thanks for all your help.

unSpawn 02-09-2006 01:00 PM

Just open up your favourite package installation tool and install from group "X Window System".
Can't remember what it encompasses but it'll basically be X11* and Xfs packages, a few Window Managers and next to that KDE, Gnome and other eyecandy. After you're done search the web for "Fedora Legacy" and update your critically vulnerable and EOL'ed release from there.

Mega Man X 02-09-2006 01:02 PM

That won't be very easy, unless you have tools like yum or apt-get to automagically take care of the dependencies. Maybe you should be better off reinstalling the whole system? Redhat 9.0 is also pretty old and unsupported. If you have a relatively newer machine, grab something newer (since it's free) just to make sure you won't have problem with your hardware later ;)

Good luck!

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