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divekar 10-30-2000 11:58 PM

I have got a SIS 6326 AGP Card the problem is every time i start my M/c i have to run my Xconfigurator and configure my startx but this problem takes place only when i shutdown my m/c if i reboot it everything works fine

fabricio 11-22-2000 06:49 PM


With the SiS 6326 chipset you will need to install using the Lisa install. After you have installed OpenLinux run xf86config and select the SiS 6326 chipset and configure it to your liking. Then edit the /etc/XF86Config file and add the following lines to the "Device" Section as follows:

Identifier "SiS 6326"
VendorName "Unknown"
BoardName "Unknown"
VideoRam 8192
Option "no_accel" # Use this if acceleration is causing problems
Option "no_linear"
Option "sw_cursor"

Save the changes and then reboot system.

You can do that using vi text editor, here is how can you use it:

vi is a powerful text editor that can be used to edit any ASCII text. It is particularly useful for small changes to configuration files. The following steps walk through the most basic vi commands. A complete list of vi's features and tools can be read from a console/terminal window by typing "man vi".

Note: Commands and filenames in linux are case sensitive. Typing "MAN vi" will result in the following error message:
bash: MAN: command not found

In this example we use the /etc/lilo.conf file for the ascii text to edit. Substitute the path and filename of the file you are editing in it's stead.

Note: Most configuration files, such as the lilo.conf file, require you to be logged in as the root user before editing. If you are already logged in as another user, type "su" at the console/terminal prompt. Press "enter" and type the root password followed by "enter".

- Open the file (type "vi /etc/lilo.conf")
- Switch to insert text mode (type "i")
- Edit the file as necesary using the arrow keys to navigate.
- Save the changes (Press "esc" to return to command mode, type ":" to preface the command followed by "wq" and "enter" to write changes and quit.)

If you haven't made any changes, you can quit vi by typing just ":q" and "enter". To exit without saving changes type ":q!" and "enter".

Note: Do not include the quote marks when entering any of the keystrokes listed above. "esc" means to press the Esc key located in the upper left corner of most keyboard. "enter" means to press the Enter or Return key.

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