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Dominique King 10-01-2009 01:43 AM

Starting Firebird database from a Wine Windows-based application
I have a Windows-only language lab program ('Logolab') which provides students with listen and repeat exercises on audio and video material loaded by the teacher. It operates in conjuction with a Firebird database which stores subtitles (I think) and the sequencing data (the lengths of each segment) for recording (a recorded piece will be subdivided into small audio/video segments during which the student repeats what's been said).
The audio and video functions are run internally by Windows Media Player, and the video input must be in .WMV format for the system to function.
Using Wine, I've managed to install the language lab program on Ubuntu, as well as the Firebird database program. However, each time I start the language lab program, I get the message "Firebird database not started!".
There is a BIN folder with the language lab software that contains a .INI file with the following contents:


Perhaps that needs to be modified for Linux or Wine on Linux? I've tried changing the DataBase field with the Linux path to the appropriate .FDB file, and likewise the ServerName field to the Ubuntu computer name or the ip address, but to no avail. Lately, I've installed the Linux version of Firebird and Flame Robin (which I couldn't understand).
If anyone can provide any help or suggestions, I'd be most grateful (it's the only thing preventing me from migrating 100% to Linux).
Thanks again,

Dominic King

DrLove73 10-01-2009 05:13 AM

Why dont you just run Firebird on Ubuntu, and setup Application to connect on that "server"? maybe using IP instead of hostname?

Here is Firebird Server howto, and here is also Firebird web site: . CentOS has compiled Firebird server in EPEL repository, maybe Ubuntu has compiled package in some of it's repositories.

Dominique King 10-01-2009 12:24 PM

Manythanks for your suggestion, Dr. Love73. I've just spent a few hours following through with this idea - but my limitations fall far short of what I was supposed to do.
Best regards,

Dominic King

DrLove73 10-01-2009 04:02 PM

I just checked Ubuntu repositories, all of them have firebird server packages in "universe" repositories.

Activate universe repositories if they are inactive and then install firebird server (Ask on Ubuntu forums if you do not know how).

Then you are to create/populate database of that program. If your copy is legal, you can ask Logolab for help.

Set user in Firebird to be username from that ini file and set it's password.

Then you should set your program to connect to "remote server"

Other option is to follow this tutorial. If you manage to solve your problem, please mark this thread as SOLVED. Thanks.

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