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di11rod 01-21-2004 04:39 PM

Squirrelmail not reading /home/username/Mail/Inbox
I've got Postfix, cyrus, and squirrelmail installed. Mail is being received and written to the user's /home/username/Mail/Inbox file. Squirrelmail is not reading that file. I can open the file with vi and examine all the mails concatenated in there.

This box is a messy migration of config files from a previous Mandrake 9.1 install that didn't go so well during an attempted upgrade to 9.2. So I've copied many of the postfix config files, the user directories, etc. over from that other machine.

Something is just botched up here.

No error messages in squirrelmail. It shows the folders on the left pane, but never shows any messages. Using the options >> folders menu, you can't ever select the 'Inbox' folder / file.

Any ideas?



david_ross 01-22-2004 02:22 PM

Does IMAP work with a standard client like mozilla?

di11rod 01-22-2004 06:39 PM


Thanks for your assistance.

I worked all night on this last night. Traced the problem by examining the exact setup of my previous Mandrake install.

Here's the deal. I previously had SpamAssassin configured on the other install using procmail. This required .procmailrc and .profile files in my home dir. These two files were copied over when I copied the home dirs over...

So, what's supposed to happen is that spamassassin picks up the mail from a file in your /home/username/Mail/Inbox file and then routes it to the /var/spool/mail directory after filtering it. Since I didn't have spamassassin properly configured, it was just hanging out in the Inbox file.

So, the bottom line is. If you see your mail getting stacked up in the Inbox file and it's not getting back over to your imap spool, then there's something wrong with your procmail filter or spamassassin.


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