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bentman78 03-28-2003 01:31 PM

Has anyone ever configured Squirrelmail before. I was wondereing if anyone knew of any good documentation out there. Any help is appreiciated.

david_ross 03-28-2003 01:39 PM

There is a menu based perl script included to help you configure it.

I think it is:

(if that doesn't work search for - I'm just not sure of the path)

mcleodnine 03-28-2003 02:00 PM

SquirrelMail is a pretty straightforward setup compared to sendmail/qmail/courier. Your best bet is to run the script as david_ross pointed out and if you run into troubles - post 'em here.

The most common snags are; the $data directory and the IMAP configuration.

bentman78 03-28-2003 04:43 PM

I saw somethig about xmailserver. Heard if it? Seems pretty good.

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