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Red Squirrel 06-22-2004 01:30 AM

spam filter
I'm looking for a spam filter that I can install on my server that will just plug into promail, the same way spamassassin works. I want spamassassing to check first, then the second filter. I want it to be able to take single strings and make rules. (instead of regular expressions) since there's lot of times where I want to block a single string or paragraph, but with regular expressions it's made more complex so instead of adding a spamassassin rule in my file I could just add a rule under the other program.

I'd also like to make it have the ability to delete and bounce mail. Instead of even seeing the spam in my inbox, I just want it deleted, but just in case legit mail does not make it through, I want to bounce it.

So if anyone knows of such program let me know, thanks! I'm running a red hat 8.0 server.

J.W. 06-22-2004 06:04 PM

You don't say what Email client you are running, but most Email clients (such as Evolution) allow you to create filters that you define yourself. You could use SA to initially divert the spam into a given folder based on its rules, and then apply your filters to your Inbox to apply a second level of screening, based on the specific terms or phrases that you input. As for auto-delete, I believe that one of the options with SA is to automatically delete spam, but I'm not certain of that.

Also, I'm not sure I see how your "delete and bounce" approach would work. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what your plan is, but it appears that you want to automatically send a notification to anyone who sent you an Email that gets identified as spam and is therefore deleted. The idea apparently would be that if any legitimate Email was incorrectly identified as spam by your system, the sender would receive a notification from you that the original Email was deleted, and the sender could then re-send it to you.

If that's the plan however, I'd say there would be 2 deal-killers. First, the re-send of the message would probably just get treated as spam again, unless the sender were to make dramatic changes to its content in the hopes of avoiding your spam rules. That just isn't practical. Second, assuming the "bounce notification" would go out to everyone whose Email was automatically deleted, this means that you would be sending Email to the spammers, thus demonstrating that your Email address is live, which will only lead to more spam. To say it another way, sending bounce messages to the legit people also means that you'd be sending bounce messages to spammers too.

Like I said I may have missed your point but if I were you, I'd just use SA to divert spam into its own folder, and then just do a quick visual scan of it before manually deleting it. This is what I do, and once you've trained SA on approx 1000 spams, it does a remarkably good job of it. -- J.W.

Red Squirrel 06-22-2004 11:51 PM

It's not an email client, but an email server. Not sure what it is since it only says "pop3 ready" when I connect.

The main reason I want to do this is easier to set rules (no need to download the spamassassin file, figure out how to convert a string to regex etc...)

The reason I want to bonuce it is because if a legit user emails me and it turns up as spam, at least they'll know. So they can either try again, or contact me some other way and let me know, then at that point I can whitelist their email.

And if it bounces to spammers, well good for them - they can keep sending all they want but it won't get to me. In the bounce email I would not include what rules were triggered. Also, most spammers spoof their email anyway, so the bounce message would go nowhere. Only problem I see is that it would be bounced back and then if caught as spam, bounced back etc... so it's something I'll have to play with and tweak once I have the ability to do so with the program chosen.

My server filters spam so I don't have to do anything to the clients of both machines - all spam is filtered at the server. And once I get a program to make rules I'll also block viruses by adding new rules as new viruses come out.

Red Squirrel 06-24-2004 07:13 PM

Bump... anyone? I figured there would be tons of these out there... But can't find any.

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