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tomj88 08-30-2005 12:44 PM

Sound under linux plays up sometimes
Hi, I don't really understand sound in Linux and would like some answers (please!).
I'm using kde so I presume I'm using aRts. However sometimes I use gstreamer (like for amarok). Are you only able to have one application accessing the sound system at once, i.e. if I am listening to mp3's through amarok, will kde not be able to chime if say do something wrong? Also, could some one explain to me /dev/dsp. Basically my problem is such: sometimes it exists and sound works fine. Other times it will say /dev/dsp in use, and won't let me say play an mp3 (well ogg now :p) for a couple of seconds/minutes. And other times it just doesn't exist. I understand it is able to create this device from the command line using mknod (is this correct?), so what would be the command to do this, is it safe? For instance, one of my problems is skype (yea, I know it's not FOSS but I am yet to hear an FOSS alternative that is as good...). Yesterday, I was able to talk just fine, but today it keeps moaning about problem with the sound, and when I check my preferences I cannot see an option for /dev/dsp or anything for that matter under audio devices. I tried to listen to music in amarok and it is also complaining, saying that /dev/dsp does not exist. Anyway, thanks in advance,

tomj88 08-30-2005 03:30 PM

quick fix for this solution:

mknod /dev/dsp0 c 14 3
mknod /dev/mixer0 c 14 3
chmod 777 /dev/dsp*
chmod 777 /dev/mixer*
chown root:audio /dev/dsp0
chown root:audio /dev/mixer0
ln -s /dev/dsp0 /dev/dsp
ln -s /dev/mixer0 /dev/mixer

Does the job, still don't have a clue bout sound in linux though...

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