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AJones 01-05-2007 12:06 PM

Sound Trouble + Modem Trouble on Knoppix 4.0
All was well untill I have these troubles.

First. I get this error on my AMR Lucent Modem on Toshiba Satellite Laptop running Knoppix 4.0. The modem drivers are Smartlink Slmodem that worked fine untill one day did not.

I get this error

in /var/log/dmesg

slamr: Smartlink AMRM) modem
slamr: probe 8086:24d6 ICH card...
slamr: mc97 codec is AL40 (should be SIL27) some times I get yyyfff instead of SIL27
slamr: Cannot init card


Intel ICM Modem: probe of 0000:00:1f.6 failed with error -13

Secondly I have this trouble

Sound Server information message

Error with initializing the sound driver.
Cant set required samplingrate (request rate 44100 got rate 65635)
The sound server will continue using the null output device.

Playing any MP3 under these conditions just jams the Desktop only recourse is to shut it off.

All help welcome


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