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stram 05-27-2002 03:22 AM

sound issues and Xine,Noatun,Gnomemeeting
I need big help to activate the sound through Xine and Noatun(=Kde Media Player)-

config=redhat 7.3 + kde3.0+ sound drivers=aureal8810 install from cvs , (or rh 7.2=same problem since the beginning of my linux configuration=nov2001)

I've try to get through this big problem since a while but-
-I've used some newbie forum -but with still no responses

the sound works fine through XMMS et CD Player(Kscd):

- but no activation through XINE, or NOATUN(?)nothing happen when choosing a sound file ( mp3 files for example, however they appear in the playlist ) ,-using Gnomemeeting => video=ok, still no sound-

it's seems I only use arts through my differents applications(KMix)

- XINE(programmed for arts)=-> these errors messages:

-"there is no available demuxer plugin to handle

-"there is no available input plugin available to handle'xine ui version

if you know a specific linux multimedia forum

welcome to any help-any idea-trail
because I'd like to use Xine very quickly.


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