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djamieson 07-24-2006 09:33 AM

Sound driver for a Compaq Presario laptop
Looking for a sound driver for a Compaq Presario model number V4335EA.

I have loaded SUSE Linux.

Any help on how to get sound working on this laptop would be good, thanks in advance.

jeelliso 07-25-2006 09:10 PM

Welcome to LQ!

To find out exactly what kind of sound card Linux recognizes run

lspci | grep audio
Then go to and search for your card. It will tell you which driver you need to enable. Most likely though your driver has already been recognized by the Suse autodetection and is actually loaded. You can check which drivers are loaded by running

It will give you a list of all the kernel modules (which is what alsa drivers typically are) that have been loaded. If you see the module is already loaded then your sound channels are probably muted. You can use the alsamixer command to change your settings. Use "m" to mute/unmute a channel.

Good Luck,

djamieson 07-27-2006 07:42 AM

Hi Justin,
thank you for your time and the commands to run. Unfortunately it did seem to find an audio device type or is it just the generic Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corp that is listed. I will try the web site you quoted.

Thanks for your reply and help.

Output listed below.

dfjlaptop:~ # lspci | grep audio
00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corp.: Unknown device 266e (rev 04)
dfjlaptop:~ # lsmod
Module Size Used by Tainted: P
ds 6592 1
yenta_socket 10048 1
pcmcia_core 42528 0 [ds yenta_socket]
af_packet 12712 1 (autoclean)
videodev 5696 0 (autoclean)
isa-pnp 29884 0 (unused)
usbserial 19196 0 (autoclean) (unused)
lp 6400 0 (autoclean)
parport 22752 0 (autoclean) [lp]
autofs4 8564 2 (autoclean)
button 2476 0 (unused)
thermal 6304 0 (unused)
battery 5728 0 (unused)
processor 8344 0 [thermal]
fan 1504 0 (unused)
ac 1696 0 (unused)
ipv6 136852 -1 (autoclean)
ipt_REJECT 2872 2 (autoclean)
ipt_LOG 3384 2 (autoclean)
ipt_state 536 1 (autoclean)
ip_conntrack 17320 1 (autoclean) [ipt_state]
iptable_filter 1644 1 (autoclean)
ip_tables 11384 4 [ipt_REJECT ipt_LOG ipt_state iptable_filter]
st 27880 0 (autoclean) (unused)
sr_mod 12824 0 (autoclean)
sg 25836 0 (autoclean)
joydev 5536 0 (unused)
evdev 3968 0 (unused)
input 3232 0 [joydev evdev]
usb-uhci 22060 0 (unused)
ehci-hcd 16392 0 (unused)
usbcore 58080 1 [usbserial usb-uhci ehci-hcd]
8139too 14888 1
mii 2304 0 [8139too]
cisco_ipsec 380416 0 (unused)
nls_iso8859-1 2844 1 (autoclean)
ntfs 75148 1 (autoclean)
lvm-mod 65760 0 (autoclean)
ide-scsi 9264 0
reiserfs 201492 2
ide-cd 29628 0
cdrom 28064 0 [sr_mod ide-cd]

ethics 07-27-2006 08:21 AM

3D Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound 16 bit integrated is all i could find for your audio device, googling that and linux i found specifically it mentions

"A word about compatibility: even though most sound cards are claimed to be SoundBlaster compatible, very few currently sold cards are compatible enough to work with the Linux SoundBlaster driver. These cards usually work better using the MSS/WSS or MAD16 driver"

could try finding them on alsa, and using modprobe to load them

djamieson 07-28-2006 03:44 AM

Thank you for your time and the information that you supplied and googled for, I'm just heading off on a two week break I will on my return try the link you listed. Thank you once again, I will post an update on my return.


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