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miickEe. 07-01-2005 03:38 AM

Sound Detection

I still am going crazy trying to solve this problem. The problem I am experiencing is quite weird, as I am unable to produce sound through Xandros, yet on Windows the sound works perfectly. On Xandros 3.0 it has detected my sound card and knows that it is there.. But the main thing is that it doen't produce sound AT ALL. I have checked and re-checked to see if any settings have gone astray, but to no avail they should be working. The volume control is NOT on mute, lols.

I don't know if it is Creative's fault being that they might not be compatible with Linux, or the fact that I connect an extrerna amplifier directly to my sound card. As I said, it works on Windows but not on Linux. Is there a way I can get over this problem?


exvor 07-01-2005 07:48 PM

might wanna pop a consol and check using aslamixer to see if alsa has muted the sound card.

by default alsa out of the box will set to mute if there is no volumes set.

of course with a distro this might not be the issue.

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