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business_kid 05-15-2019 08:34 AM

Sound Configuration
I had to set up a messy sound Multimedia setup for a using my box to live stream an event, with the following issues
  • I needed a dual screen setup for video, with several sizes depending on what was plugged in. I managed that with a video.conf file for Xorg, which still works.
  • The HDMI sound came out sounding like square wave binary, Some kind soul wrote a chunk of /etc/asoundrc which re-sampled at 48khz and is probably lost in 2 or 3 upgrades.
  • Some groups were Foreign Language speaking (I think we finally ran with Portuguese, Romanian, & Chinese). For these, as the stream was in English, I had to get HDMI to earphone jack and the English was translated on the fly to the foreign language. I cobbled up a script to drop in an ~/.asoundrc

In the presence of Pulse Audio, alsa config files are not to be farted about with, I gather. How would that be done in Pulse Audio? I kinda need to do the hdmi resampling bit just to watch stuff on hdmi.

frankbell 05-16-2019 07:57 PM

Just to be clear, you were feeding the live feed, not watching it, were you not?

business_kid 05-17-2019 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by frankbell
Just to be clear, you were feeding the live feed, not watching it, were you not?

Well, both: The live feed was going to a projector and being in the same hall and being amplified by the hall's amplification. I had a left/right X setup and right was the hdmi. So I was watching the feed. I actually forget if it came up on the laptop as well. IIRC the exact sound path was hdmi --> direct to projector --> back to mixer -->amplifier. If it was more than a weekend thing, I'd have cut the projector out of the sound loop but getting that kit installed and through that HORRIBLE mixer in time was enough, because a warranty issue on the projector cut me very fine on time. Also, that mixer had to be modified to cope with the foreign Language thing (Putting the translator's mike through the main feed). To do that, I had hdmi sound redirected to the earphone jack plug via a script (dropping in and out the ~/.asoundrc).

So, the sound card hasn't changed. Speakers are ok. I'd like to be able to use the hdmi sound without hearing binary. The clever /etc/asoundrc is gone - may be stored here on LQ on a 2015 thread, but I don't have the space to accommodate antique backups.

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