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boognish 11-20-2001 01:50 AM

sony vaio PCG-R505JL and linux....

just picked up a sony vaio r505 (got the slimdock included...shibby:) w/ a pent III 750.

however, i've heard conflicting stories about how receptive newer vaio's are to linux installs- some have said there will be a total lack of drivers...i've seen posts stating otherwise as well. anyone know of a specific distro that does better or worse with sony?...and more importantly, why? i know sony is heavily proprietary hardware-wise- but i wouldn't cry if i couldn't use the jog-dial or something.

this thing came pre-loaded with XtraPoopy home...another ?, anyone tried to blow away xp yet and replace it with linux? this cat at the coffeeshop said it was next to impossible. i would love to ditch MS...athough, i would be satisfied splitting the thing between 2 osS if i had to.

thanks in advance...

mcleodnine 11-20-2001 08:24 PM

Your best bet is to get all the info about your notebook that you can - video, drives, display, CD/DVD, network. That way you can see which distros support your hardware, or can show you a way to get the stuff working.

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