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JBailey742 08-26-2006 03:53 PM

Some questions about Thunderbird in comparison with KMail
I've been using KMail for a while, and now just seeing what Thunderbird is all about. It seems pretty nice, but some things are missing. Either that, or I don't know where to go.
It seems like I went all over, but I can't locate some things.

With KMail, you can set an icon down near the clock and also have it check mail every so often.
I don't see where that is in thunderbird, if they have such a feature.

Also, I see different settings with the dates, such as localized, fancy, etc.
I don't see that in Thunderbird.

Not as critical, but can you clear the email addresses that you already used? KMail has "edit recent addresses" to edit or remove them, possibly add, but I'm not sure.
I like things cleaned out, stuff I don't care for to be removed, etc.
It's not critical if this isn't a thunderbird feature, but it'd be nice if it available there, which it could be.

another not so critical one, can you disable the "no subject" message, indicating if you want a subject on there or simply have (no subject).

I'm going through this as we speak, and I'll continue looking around. solved a few issues (obviously not what I indicated already, I would have removed it).
I'll continue on, see what I can do.

Seagull 08-28-2006 04:16 AM

I recently moved from KMail to THunderbird. There were a few things I didn't like with KMail. I still miss some of it's features but not a problem.

Anyway you can set it to automatically check for new emails in the Edit->Account Settings menu item. Under the Server Settings item is where you specify how often it should check for emails and some other settings.

For the display of dates you could look in the Config Editor (Preferences->Advanced) maybe you can find something there.

JBailey742 08-28-2006 10:25 AM

I know how to check mail, but can you get an icon near the clock? I tend to close out KMail, and just have the kmail icon at the clock, which still checks mail but doesn't take up space in the taskbar.

i found the edit section, but I know nothing on what to type in there.

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