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m0rl0ck 12-17-2003 03:41 AM

Some of my fluxbox themes
These themes only work on the 0.9.6 dev and cvs versions. Also follow the link to fluxmod, more themes there, as well as a forum etc.
In case anyone is worried about stability the dev version and the current cvs version are easily solid enough for everyday use. Anyway check 'em out:

My first real foray into graphics. Comments?

slakmagik 12-17-2003 09:00 AM

Three quibbles from ignorant joe user (me):

1) Bloodline has a different tar structure than contact and irontek and the style file is called 'theme.cfg' instead of 'bloodline' and references the pixmaps differently. Also, I think themes are supposed to be tarred from ~/.fluxbox down, whereas yours start from '.fluxbox'.

2) I know the workspace switching arrows have been dropping in and out of development but you should probably provide pixmaps for them just in case - the 0.9.6 I just stuck on my Celeron Slack Flux has them - though I don't think my cvs on the Slack on this box does. Didn't want to reboot to find out. *g* Anyway - looks odd with odd blobs for buttons.

3) Probably should ship a background (any background) just because sid_flux or the X root window looks funny with your themes.

But that's all really trivial - I like them a *lot*. Particularly bloodline and contact. I like the 'lit up' effect and the vivid sharp bold colors - sort of a metallic sheen in a lot of areas. Great stuff. I wish I didn't utterly suck at graphics - or even plain color themes. That would be fun.

Oh - a last quibble - since flux has taken to throwing icons on the toolbar, it gets kind of busy with irontek's stylized stuff and those app icons sort of stepping on each other.

I'm not sure how I feel about all where flux is going, but those themes do look nice. Congrats. And thanks. :)

m0rl0ck 12-18-2003 02:39 AM

Ive been confused about the directory structure too. Apparently the "theme.cfg" scheme is the one currently in favor, but its a moving target :)
I havent been putting in backgrounds because the fluxmod site recommends not to, probably to keep file sizes down.
Thanks for the nice comments. I uploaded new versions of Contact and bloodline to that include toolbar buttons and shadowed text :)

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