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Razr 12-14-2005 11:15 AM

Some GNOME/firefox issues
I used to have Slackware and Debian for a long time and everything worked smoothly, until I put Ubuntu on one of my boxes. What's the problem? I boot up Ubuntu, GDM starts my graphical environment, and we have GNOME, ready for work. There aren't any other working applications, when I start gkrellm, see that GNOME uses ~ 1/2 of my RAM. It's 256 MB, but it doesn't really matter, because I tried on 512 MB too. I wonder, what's the matter? As ex-KDE user, I remember, when I start KDE, it takes about 95 MB and my system is working fine, without any problems. Here, with Ubuntu, when I run Firefox, open 2,3,4 tabs, GAIM + any mail client, for example -- my system lags hard. My question is: are there any productivity tweaks, that could make things look better (and faster)? Is there a solution to this problem? (if we can call this a problem) Do you have such findings?

Probably Ubuntu could be caching all the stuff I am working with, but I didn't see any results.

reddazz 12-15-2005 01:04 PM

It could be a Firefox thing. I have had simialar problems on my Mandriva system with Firefox 1.0.7. Running Firefox with a few tabs open really slowed down my system. There seems to be an improvement with Firefox 1.5.

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